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Sunshine Coast LF Forklift Course

Sunshine Coast Full Forklift Course (LF)

TLILIC0003 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck



FMS Training offer Onsite Forklift Courses in Sunshine Coast.

Let our experienced trainers come to your workplace to train your staff in your setting, completing everyday work tasks applicable to your business. Save on staff downtime during training, and have the course customised to your workplace needs.

Onsite Forklift Course Sunshine Coast Includes

  • Forklift Theory Training
  • Forklift Practical Training
  • Forklift Log Books & Manuals
  • Forklift Training Resources and Learning Materials
  • Forklift Theory Assessment
  • Forklift Practical Assessment
  • This course provides all the training required to become a safe and competent operator.
  • Prices exclude W.H.S.Q. application fee ($96.80, payable only to Workplace Health and Safety QLD online – MORE INFO

In order for FMS to come to you, we will need the following (to comply with Workplace Health & Safety QLD requirements):

  • A classroom or similar environment where students can complete the assessment without distraction.
  • A classroom sizeable enough that the students are able to complete the assessment without the ability to view other students work
  • Sufficient chairs, tables/ desks for the students
  • Calculators for the assessment – but these must be basic (no phones or programmable calculators with the ability to store information)
  • A Forklift that complies with Australian Standards
  • A working zone for the Practical Assessment (no less than 400m2)
  • Shelving or racking which will allow the student to demonstrate the following lifts:
            • Low level (floor level)
            • Medium Level (should not be performed at less than 25% of machines height capacity)
            • High Level (should not be performed at less than 75% of machines height capacity)
  • Suitable obstacles to allow the forklift to manoeuvre through a chicane
  • 3 varied loads suitable for the forklift weighing at least 50% of the rated capacity of the forklift.

For more information or to book, please phone 1300 699 150 or email for a quote, info@fmstraining.com.au.



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