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This is our most popular forklift course. Beginners are Welcome. We will take you through comprehensive theory and practical training  this Course is ONE Day Training + Assessment Day. If after one Day of training you are not ready for the Assessment we welcome you back for more training at no extra charge. Our classes are held on weekdays. Please see our calendar for available course dates.

From $395* for full training & assessment!

The Best Value Forklift Course Includes

  • Full training in theory (which is fun and engaging!)
  • Full training in practical driving
  • Forklift driving on a range of machines
  • All course learning materials 
  • Supplied training resources and equipment, including hi-vis vest.
  • Theory assessment
  • Practical assessment
  • This course provides all the training required to become a safe and competent operator.  Prices exclude W.H.S.Q.  application fee


Lawnton:  1/42 Paisley Dr, Lawnton QLD 4501 

Lawnton Daytime

Lawnton Evening

Lawnton Saturdays

$395* per person

Currently not available

$450* per person

Courses held on Weekdays. Please see calendar for available course dates.

Monday Evenings

Classes held 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of the month.

Start: 8:00 AM

Finish: Approx 3:00 PM subject to individual competency

Assessment Days Thursday or Fridays

Start: 5:00 PM

Finish: Approx 9:00 PM subject to individual competency

Assessment on Thursday

Start: 8:00 AM

Finish: Approx 3:00 PM subject to individual competency

Most students will complete their Practical Assessment straight after the Theory Assessment. Students should only need about 2 hours for the Theory exam, and 45 minutes for the Practical assessment. A timeslot for the Practical exam will be allocated with the assessor following the theory assessment.

If the trainer believes that the student may need to study more or log more hours to become a competent operator, then that student will be welcomed back for more training, at no extra charge.

An Oral Assessment Option can be arranged one-on-one with the assessor, for students with Language, Literacy and Numeracy difficulties. You can choose this option when making your booking below. Fees apply.




The trainee must:

  • be over the age of 18
  • be able to read and write English
  • be able to complete a short answer written exam (oral exam option available)
  • be able to complete a basic calculations exam
  • be able to complete a practical forklift driving exam
  • be able to provide three (3) forms of proof of identification before an assessment can take place
  • have appropriate levels of language, literacy and numeracy (self-assessment available)

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